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Hemp CR Inc is pleased to announce that as of June 4th, 2021, we have been approved in our first of many Latin American countries to import some of our product line.

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Hemp CR Inc, provides Hemp and CBD business opportunities to entrepreneurs and existing businesses that would like to take advantage of this exploding market. We believe that CBD product knowledge is what sells CBD products. Hemp CR offers low wholesale pricing along with low minimum orders, so our distributors have a greater chance to succeed. Our CBD product lines are tested every step of the way.

Over the last few years, we have watched many large firms raise millions of dollars only to watch it all disappear. Marketing Hemp and CBD products successfully is a whole new game that many just don’t understand.

We have been in this market since 2015 and we have seen it all.

Opportunities in Latin American are huge.

We spent 4 years in Costa Rica, developing contacts and providing Hemp, CBD and Medical Cannabis education. We are ready for the government to finally approve legislation.

With over 100 micro-climates, Costa Rica is ideal for growing Hemp and Cannabis.

Costa Rica has recently passed Bill 21,388 Hemp & Medical Cannabis legislation out of committee and on its way towards a full vote. Hemp CR is working with partners for lab, oil extraction and Hemp processing facilities. Latin America offers many opportunities as more countries are legalizing Hemp and Medical Cannabis. We lived in Costa Rica from 2013-2017 and worked on the first Hemp & Medical Cannabis bill, so we are ready to go.

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Ancillary Cannabis Market in Las Vegas
We have been working within the ancillary Cannabis Market in Las Vegas since 2018. With passage of the new Cannabis Consumption Lounge law, we have opened the first Directory forCannabisLounges.Vegas


Hemp Farmers around the world have to keep their crop under .03 THC (US is .03, some counties are as high as 1%) or their crops can be destroyed as “hot”. Working with an Israeli company we offer the finest on site Hemp or Cannabis THC testing.

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