About Us

Tim  Morales

After hearing about the new Health Savings Account program that was included in the 2003 Prescription Drug Bill Mr. Morales started HSA Trustee Services as one of only five nationwide firms providing HSA/Health Savings Accounts when they became available on January 1st, 2004. HSA TS has opened tens of thousands of HSA’s and he was honored at the 2008 White House HSA Conference for his leadership in the field. Today there is over $73 Billion in 29 million HSA accounts nationwide.

2005 started HSA Clearing providing HSA websites, HSA forms, and consulting services to banks and credit unions. Before the bank crisis we had over 30 financial institutions and growing.

2007-2017 because of the success of HSA Trustee Services we started Costa Rican Medical Care, a medical tourism provider offering services in Costa Rica. We worked with the Costa Rican government officials and PROMED to help develop a Medical Tourism Program. We planned and helped organize the First Latin American Healthcare Summit with over 500 attendees in San Jose Costa Rica.

2013-2018 moved to Costa Rica

November 2014, visited Denver, CO to start to understand the economic opportunities after passage of the Colorado Recreational Cannabis Legislation.

October 2015, set-up and sponsored, 5 Costa Rican Senators to visit Denver, Colorado to show them firsthand what Medical and Recreational Cannabis looks like and the economic impact it could have on Costa Rica. Working with the law firm of Vicente Sederberg, LLC and the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation, we had 3 full days of meetings and tours with the Cannabis Industry Leaders in Denver. The opportunity to meet many of the early pioneers in the Colorado market, some which are still friends today, has helped learn many leasons.

2016- July 30-31st 2016, Organized and put on the first Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica. Over 120 people attended this event from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, and the US, plus many Costa Rican locals and Costa Rican Government officials. Many top US firms spoke at this event.

Unfortunately, the Costa Rican Medical Cannabis Bill expired in the Costa Rican congress last April 2017.

Now in 2020 Costa Rica will be voting on a new Hemp/Medical Cannabis Bill, we are working to ensure passage of the historic legislation this time. The opportunities in the Hemp field are endless and we are set up and ready to move forward.

Taiya Thompson – SVP CBD Development

Photo above—After a life-changing experience treating her son’s multiple special needs with Cannabidiol (CBD), Taiya is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to help others. She founded Crooked Cactus CBD* to be a resource for education and support so families can make informed decisions and have access to safe and high-quality products if they decide CBD is right for them.

Previously, Taiya spent 19 years as a CFP® and RLP® working in private wealth management for two of the Top 10 firms in the world. Her mission has always been to help people and to inspire them to live their lives with passion and purpose. Now she’s doing that through plant medicine and helping people to restore their health and well-being so they can show up in their lives, their businesses, and their communities.

*Crooked Cactus CBD is not part of Hemp CR Inc.